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Godo solution is an all-around manufacturer of software for numerically-controlled (NC) machine tools, including 2D CAD/CAM platforms, processing simulation, and NC program communications. We handle everything from the development of such software to sales and support, by ourselves.
Founded in 1976, we changed our name from “Hamamatsu Godo” to “Godo solution” in 2007.

Known by the name “Nazca” and favored by customers, our products had been installed in a cumulative total of 19,600 business establishments in Japan (in terms of the whole series) as of March 2022.
We offer an assortment of numerous types of software directed to NC machine tools that address the wants and needs expressed by many production sites, reflect full consideration for safety, and make the most of our know-how for prevention of mistakes. For CAD/CAM platforms, we have overseas sales that are centered in Thailand.

In addition, we began providing Nazca Neo Linka, an IoT system for production facilities, in 2015. We developed this system by expanding on the store of NC program communications technology we accumulated over many years.

We also accept requests for customization tailored to the particular work, and consigned software development & OEM for the manufacturing industry.
Please do not hesitate to consult us!

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Japan Shizuoka Hamamatsu-city, 471,Iida-cho,Minami-ku





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2D CAD/CAM, IoT system for production facilities, Software for numerically-controlled (NC) machine tools


IoT system for production facilities

Machining industry

Manufacturing industry

Metalworking industry

Automobile manufacturers

Manufacturers of consumer electric/electronic products

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IoT system for production facilities (Nazca Neo Linka)

Nazca Neo Linka is an IoT system directed to the manufacturing industry that was developed under the concept of “plant management.” It can accommodate various connection methods, and enables unified management of data on the operation of various production facilities in plants, regardless of the ma...

2D CAM for Machining (NAZCA5 CAM Mill)

Mounted with practical functions dedicated to 2D processing in areas including outlining, pocketing, chamfering, and perforation The rich assortment of processing patterns and convenient auxiliary functions enable preparation of NC programs both accurately and speedily. ■2D Function (End Milling...

2D CAM for NC Lathe(NAZCA5 CAM Lathe)

A full range of useful functions only available from CAM dedicated to NC lathes. Besides the preparation of NC programs, the software was designed for prevention of air cuts and for safety. ■Extensive Machining Patterns ■Safety Measures ・Prevention of Tool Bite Interference  Automatically m...

2D CAM for Wire (NAZCA5 CAM Wire)

It is also easy to give instructions for processing distinctive to wire cutting, in aspects such as type of processing and method of approach. The platform can also handle various processing instructions for items including gear and taper shape, and top-bottom different shape. ■Extensive Machin...


Decrease in the burden imposed by drawing work, thanks to the simple functions and outstanding operability. ■Input/Output Function ・Available External Data Format  Input :DWG, DXF, IGES, BMP, NC Programs  Output :DXF, IGES  Supports AutoCAD Series (2D) Standard CAD Files ・You can check the...

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