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Consistent manufacturing from highly accurate custom precision turning and grinding, including heat treatment, surface treatment, and OD polishing to sub-assy.

〇We are Specialists in precision turning and grinding.
〇Support from prototype , small-run to mass production
〇Extensive experience in processing difficult-to-cut materials such as titanium and Kovar.
〇Hard turning on high hardness materials’ products after heat treatment.

Our leading products include but are not limited to:
 Spools,Sleevs,Cartridges and futer for Hydraulic components and other fluid control components
 Various parts for Semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
 Special Screws

Since 2013 ,we have also been manufacturing custom prodcts at the VSIP Hai Phong industrial complex in Vietnam and are currently building a new factory in Nam Cau Khieem

Besides, we developed an in-house Production Management system and started to provide them to clients.

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Japan Nagano Nakano City 1162-15 Kusama





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Precision turning and grindig parts(includes heat treatment and surface treatment) mainly by NC lathes.

compression springs ,Plating of metal parts



Special Screws

Fujitsu Component Limited

Nishina Industrial Co., Ltd.

KYB-YS Co., Ltd.

Nabtesco Corporation

Kubota seiki co.Ltd

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Special Screws Titanium high-aspect-ratio high-durability customize

【Titanium Special Screws  high-aspect-ratio high-durability customize】 【Material】 Titanium and further 【Application field】 Medical 【Size】 Φ1~Φ16 Length 2mm~100mm 【Tolerance】 within a tolerance ±0.05 【Monthly Production 】 100~500pcs/month 【Feature】 High accuracy, long dura...

Hydraulic components parts

S45C,SCM,etc Φ10~Φ50 NC complex machine,Centerless,Cylindrical grinding,Hard turning,etc. 1000pcs/month

Complex Parts NC lathe machinery

【Materials】Iron,SUS,Aluminum,etc 【Size】Φ0.5~Φ50 【Monthly production】1000pcs/month

Also provides Sub-assy and Leak test Spool for Hydraulic compornent

【Material】  SCM415 SUM23 S45C 【Application field】  Hydraulic components for Construction machinery 【Size】:Φ32      Length:230㎜ 【Processing method】 Automated NC lathe Heat treatment Barrel polishing Assembly OD grinding and Finishing 【Tolerance】 within a tolerance ±0.002 【...

Spool for Hydraulic compornent including heat and surface treatment

【Material】 S45C same as ISOC45,ASTM A194,DINC45,BSC45 【Application field】 Hydraulic components for Agricultural machinery 【SIZE】 Φ18 Length220㎜ 【Processing method】 NC automatic lathe Heat treatment Surface treatment Plating Centerless polishing 【tolerance】 within a tolerance ...

Spool for Hydraulic components, also provides Subassy and Leak Test

【material】  SCM  carbon steels for machine structural use 【Size】   Φ20xL60  Length 50mm~200㎜ 【Monthly Production】  100~500pcs/month 【Feature】 Also provides Subassy and Leak Test High-accuracy turning and grinding of oil grooves, notches and H-cuts, etc on CNC combination lathes.

Special screws

SUS,Iron, brass, other Φ0.5~Φ50 NC,Machining center,Wire cut,Centerless,Rolling,Hard turning,etc 1000pcs/month

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