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Customized machines and automation intergration system
Part feeder
Jigs and machining parts
IOT solution

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Socialist Republic of Vietnam Ha Noi Dong Anh Km16+800, National Highway, Nguyen Khe Auto Industry Cluster, Nguyen Khe





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- Machinery automation system; - Automatic billet feeding solution; - Jigs, machine parts; - Robot, AGV, IOT, Smart factory


Part feeder

Jigs and machining parts

Automation solution






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Application: Monitor machine operation, measure performance, monitor production process, manage maintenance Description: The system includes Iot-Box modules connected to machines and equipment through IO signals, acting as slaves, a central computer acting as a master used to collect , data proce...

PCB cutting & assembly components line

The machine is researched and designed by TCI engineers. Integrated with many features from cutting PCB boards, mounting accessories and checking quality. In addition, the system also integrates the counter and packs the finished product.

Fixture, Jigs, Precision parts

TCI processes individual parts and assembles them into complete jigs according to customer requirements. Can process aluminum materials (A5052, 6061,...) Steel (S45C, SKD, SUS), Copper and engineering plastics Accuracy can reach: 2/1000

Part feeder/ Máy cấp phôi tự động

Part feeder/ Automatic bar feeder Components are oriented, arranged, product classification goes in a direction and a certain direction. The machine helps to support automatic assembly machines, automatic testing machines. Using diversity in the areas of production: Plastic, Rubber, Electronic Co...

Part feeder/ Máy cấp phôi tự động (04)

Part feeder 02- Automatic bar feeder/ Vibrating hopper/ Vibrating tray Use in industries: 1. Electronic components 2. Food 3. Medical 4. Design machine manufacturing 5. Applications add by combining with robots. Part feeder arranges materials in the same direction, in the same direction, arra...

Part feeder/ Máy cấp phôi tự động (05)

Part feeder/ Automatic feed vibrator/ Vibrating plate/ Vibrating hopper 05 Automatic billet vibrator is part of the structure of some machines for production. Flexible applications in industries: 1. Granted for small, light components, arranged in the same direction...in the medical and manufac...

Part feeder/ Máy cấp phôi tự động (06)

Part feeder/ Automatic billet feeding vibrator/ Vibrating hopper/ Vibrating tray Widely used for machine manufacturing industries, diverse fields of activity: Medical, Pharmaceutical, Food, Plastic, Optimally combined with other applications from robots, screw feeders and some other specialized m...

Controller CUH

Controller - CUH intelligent controller. Application for vibrating plate, vibrating hopper, part feeder TCI- CUH's sole agent in Vietnam market Various controllers: SDVC31-S: 1.5A SDVC31-M: 3A SDVC31-L: 4.5A SDVC31-XL: 6A SDVC44-MR: 3A SDVC34-L: SDVC34-XL SDVC40-S: 1.5A SDVC41-M: 3A

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