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Production process for aluminum casting.Proto Co., Ltd., specializes in manufacturing a variety of different types of industrial machine parts. We not only accept small lot prototype manufacturing, but also can do and support assembling as well as mass production of the final product. We are proud to offer short lead time and precision. Whenever we manufacture products, we always remind ourselves to be highly precise and to have a short lead time.To implement such an idea, we have installed state-of-the-art equipment which can do rapid prototyping and manufacturing of the model exactly as designed while also researching for better technology. A time-consuming job is beautiful. As it is a characteristic of the prototype manufacturing field,a variety of samples is made in small lots. Each prototype will have its own unique drawings and as it is made of a variety of raw materials it results in being very time-consuming. Nevertheless,we love and enjoy time-consuming prototype manufacturing.

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Japan Kyoto Kyouto-fu Kuseto Kuseyama-chou Nomura-mati Higasi 123-1





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Aluminum sand casting

Aluminum die casting (350t)

RP sand stacking Shell Naka-go


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Proto Rapid Casting for Automotive

In order to adapt to short lead time when having multiple lot requests, we will use rapid prototyping for intricate forms and wood molds for simple forms. Applying such a method allows us to manufacture complicated products with the highest quality, the best precision and the lowest cost. Such an a...

3D digitalizer ; High quality guarantee

This is a 3D measuring machine which uses a CD camera to take photos of the target and shows accurate as well as highly dense data quickly. By applying the laser to the target without physically touching it and scanning it through the CCD camera, we manage to get 3D data quickly. Besides, the digi...

Case ; Aluminum

Case We can do integrated producting and processing for cast aluminum

Rapid prototype processing (sand molding/casting)

RP (rapid prototyping) is a technique to design a model while maintaining the form in which one can understand the functions. By utilizing RP and/or replacing the normal way of prototype production, we have managed to reduce sand prototypes without wooden molds within shorter lead time. This i...

Cylinder block

This is a cylinder block. We can do integrated producting and processing for aluminum casting

Prototype Aluminum Rapid Casting for Automotive

We will respond to any complicated aluminum casting within a short lead time. As we apply our unique rapid prototyping technique, a four-cylinder engine head, for example, can be manufactured and shipped within 20 days in contrast to 40 days which is the usual time it takes.

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