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IHI ASIA PACIFIC (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

I suggest factory solution to one stop to cover an automatic warehouse, a three-dimensional parking lot, a boiler, a compressor, a vacuum removal of fat washing machine, a vacuum furnace, the whole factory including the calendar. We established it as a sales company of the IHI group product in 2014.

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Kingdom of Thailand Bangkok No. 6, O-NES Tower, 10th Floor, Soi Sukhumvit 6, Klongtoey, Klongtoey District, Bangkok 10110 -





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<IHI Package Boiler> Energy Saving and High Efficiency

IHI’s Package Boilers are compact in size and adaptable to many uses. Incineration can be finely controlled for economical and long-lasting operation. IHI’s Once-Through Boiler is available in both Petrol-Fired type and Gas-Fired type, popular in many industry seeking for efficiency.

<IHI Turbo Compressor> Energy Saving and Environmentally friendly

IHI's Turbo Compressors are environmentally friendly compressors that discharge 100% oil-free air. The high durability and trustful technology realize more stable and efficient operation. IHI Advantage ・Advanced energy savings through user customization ・Simple and reliable designed solutions ...

IHI Monitoring and Analysis Service

With IHI Monitoring Service providing on-the-spot running status of your machines, notifications can be send to your mobile phones and emails instantaneously. Having this access to real-time monitoring information helps to reduce maintenance cost and have your machines operating at their highest e...

<IHI Parking System>

Since delivering Japan’s first-ever fully automated parking system in 1962, IHI has dedicated to develop automated parking system to meet society requirement. Automated parking system is an ideal infrastructure tool to effectively optimize land with limitation into an attractive development.

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