We undertake all aspects of logistics.

We operate a logistics warehouse in the area adjacent to AMATA CITY CHONBURI PHASE 8.
Warehouse business
 (1) Delivered by milk run to Amata City Chonburi Industrial Park
 (2) Loading and unloading of containers
 3) Arrangement of trucks and containers
 4) Simple inspection and assorting
 The vast warehouse is available for spot to long-term use.

Logistics system
 (1) Warehouse management system (SWMS)
 2) Packing system (stacking for order pull delivery) (PMS)
 Two systems have been developed and are now available for sale.
 We can solve problems such as work errors, delays, waves, and personnel issues.

Logistics consulting
 (1) On-site improvement proposals
 (2) Proposals for linkage with production management and sales management
 3) Solving problems in the warehouse such as layout, work procedures, and inventory storage

We believe that you need to review your logistics environment in COVID-19.
We can provide you with professional services for logistics improvement.

Please contact us if you have any questions about logistics, warehouse distribution, container transportation, customs clearance, or commercial operations in Thailand.
Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Free consultation! If you are located within 3 hours from Bangkok, the first visit is free of charge.
The first visit is free of charge if the location is about 3 hours from Bangkok. During the first visit, we will inspect the site, listen to your problems, etc., and later provide you with a simple proposal.