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In 1987, Thai Morishita Company was established in Thailand. import and distribute including transportation within Thailand There is a warehouse located in Samut Prakan Province. This is the center of importance for SCM (Procurement Manager) manufacturing companies.

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Kingdom of Thailand Samut Prakan Samutprkarn Theparak Rd.,





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Fastening parts (screws, bolts, washers, nuts, etc.), machined parts, cold headed parts, springs


Nut Screw Bolt


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Blind rivet

Blind rivet are used where bolts and nuts can't be connected nor reached. We can provide the rivets with outstanding cost performance, abundant variations and high strength types are also available.

Cutting and machining parts

We can procure the cutting and machining parts from various makers which supply to the manufactures of printer, automobile, medical and financial machines. The makers can perform in-house surface finish.

Cold forged parts

We can provide cold forged parts to meet customers' requirement. Morishita Co., Ltd. in Japan produce cold forged parts and skilled engineers can consult together on such requirement, then we can produce in Thailand, Japan and China to maximize its advantage.

Insert nut

Insert nuts are used to bind resin parts strongly. We can provide the proper nuts by consulting on types of resin, whether to insert after or at the time of molding and required fixing strength. The material of nuts are not only brass but also RoHS compliant one.

Machine screw, Tapping screw

Machine screws and tapping screws are widely used for various industries. In response to our customers' requirement, we can adjust the thickness or type of plating, enhance rust resistance, change the height of screw head and shape of screw tip in alliance with local makers which we have establ...

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