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Hanotech Steel and Heat Treatment Technology Co., Ltd.

Hanotech is a leading company in Vietnam that performs heat treatment and precision machining such as vacuum quenching, electroquenching, oil quenching, carburizing quenching, nitriding quenching, and quenching tempering. We respond to customer requests with high-level employees and advanced equipment. We have earned the trust of our customers with high quality.
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Socialist Republic of Vietnam Ha Noi Me Linh Lot 28, Quang Minh Industrial Park





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Stamping components, molds

Components for processing molds, raw materials of steel, aluminum, copper, stainless steel......

Heat treatment


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Electroheat treatment

There are 5 electric quenching furnaces, which can process various types of iron such as SKS3, SUJ2, 9XC, YK30, CR12, etc. One furnace can process 500KG at a time.

Oil quenching, carburizing

Small oil quenching furnace x1: Ø500mm * H800mm Large oil quenching furnace x1: Ø1000mm * H1600mm Heat: up to 950 ° C Corresponding materials: S45C, S50C, S55C, SCM440, SCM420, 40K, 40XMH ...

Heat treatment conveyor furnace

The 100KG / H heat treatment conveyor furnace and the 300KG / H heat treatment conveyor furnace support heat treatment of screws, screws, nuts, gears, and sprockets, and the production volume is up to several hundred tons, ensuring quality.

Nitriding treatment

One Ø600mm * H800mm ion nitriding furnace. Ø 1300mm * H1600mm gas nitriding furnace. We can handle companies that require heat treatment of 1000KG or more at a time without changing the mold dimensions.

Punching press for electrical components

New technology punching press. It helps to reduce labor costs and equipment costs by assembling parts and processing advanced equipment that can be tapped into dies during pressing.

Vacuum heat treatment

Vacuum quenching has 2 furnaces, reaches 1300 ℃, special steel / stainless steel such as SKH9, SKH51, ASP23, YXM1, high speed steel, SKD11, SKD61, DC53, DC11, HPM38, STAR, DHA, etc. Specializing in various types of iron quenching, it can be used to produce good colors without deformation.

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