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Specializing in providing industrial automation equipment such as robots, mechanical engraving machines, lasers, servo presses, force & torque sensor and indicators, smart warehouse, testing machine,...
Manufacturing part feeder, flexible part feeder
Industrial automation integration

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Socialist Republic of Vietnam Ha Noi Nam Tu Liem No. 17, Area X5, Lane 60, Duong Khue Street, My Dinh 2





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Robots, traceability equipment, servo presses, force, mass, torque measuring devices, control and automation devices, integrated automation systems


Robot & Cobot, part feeder

Servo press machine, testing machine, industrial automation system

Automated smart warehouse


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Flexible Part Feeder - Temas

The most advanced part feeding system base on the 3D vibration technology. Compatible with all part geometries. Minimum production changeover time. Easy configuration. Precise part detection. Backlight integrated. Various communication. Combination of Vision and Robot systems. Many connection standa...

Force/Weight/Torque Sensor & Indicator Unipulse - Temas

Sensor and indicator: + High-speed processing + High accuracy + Waveform comparison function + Multi-point judgment + Lightweight and compact body Loadcell: + Stainless steel + Compact and thin + High accuracy + Slim body & noise resistance digital output Moon Lifter: lifts a workpiec...

Image Processing Inspection Systems ViSCO - Temas

+ Uniquely designed board and robust chassis + High-speed & high-performance while being super-compact + High memory and scalability + Many camera connections. + High-speed camera connection is also available. + Connection with external devices: VT digital camera, camera cables, flashlight ...

Code Scanner Mars Tohken - Temas

Fixed-mount Code Scanner & Handheld Code Scanner + High-speed processor + High accuracy + Easy setting & Maintenance + Easily set various parameters from the PC Included software + LED & Vibration indicator + Lightweight, tough body + Omnidirectional reading + Paper, label, DPM, OCR, etc

Marking Machine Gravotech (Laser, CNC, dot peen, scribing, etc) - Temas

+ Compact: Ideal solution for small spaces. Easy to integrate. Reducing installation time and costs. + Industrial: Robust construction, high-quality components offer good stability with low maintenance. Effective in even the harshest industrial environment. + Powerful: Fast speed marking. Contrast...

Servo Press Janome - Temas

+ Ideal for replacing hydraulic and pneumatic presses! Slim Body Type (only 65mm wide in the smallest model!) | Environmentally Friendly. Comprehensive Interfacing: Compatible with Digital I/O, Field Network, Ethernet and Pendant Unit interfacing. Consistent Quality Control. Freely set parameters su...

Desktop Robot Janome - Temas

+ 3 and 4 axes. Up to 2 axes can be extended + Typical applications: Screw driving, circuit board welding, circuit cutting, inspection, etc. + Increased structural rigidity + Built-in robot cable + Highly compatible for monitoring camera system installation + Teaching pendant features 11 differ...

Collaborative Robot Techman - Temas

SMART - SIMPLE - SAFE SMART: TM Robot is equipped with a built-in vision system, which integrates into both the hardware and software perfectly. | SIMPLE: Manage the functions and programming of your TM Robots using the TMflow allows you to program with simple click-and-drag motions. | SAFE: Ensure...

Servo Press Janome JP-S2 Series

Ideal for replacing hydraulic and pneumatic presses! Slim Body Type (only 65mm wide in the smallest model!) Environmentally Friendly: Electrically-powered servo press runs more cleanly than oil or air presses. Comprehensive Interfacing: Compatible with Digital I/O, Field Network, Ethernet and Pen...

Automatic Soldering Unit Tsutsumi

AUTOMATIC SOLDERING UNIT TSUTSUMI TS-711 31 different soldering conditions can be registered. Expansion of I/O and Tertiary solder feeding function is available. Simply inputting of each setting value for setup. Connection to PC allows soldering conditions and operation chart data to be easily m...

Robot Simulation - Programming Software Automappps - Temas

ROBOT SIMULATION - PROGRAMMING SOFTWARE AUTOMAPPPS Minimized time and costs for robot programming. A simple use for non-experts, embedded process know-how. Reduced testing and non-productive time (better OEE). Reduced cycle-time, space, and HW requirements. Cost-efficient line tracking and multi-ro...

Rotary torque measuring system

Torque meter systems are suitable for the following applications: Measuring and show the relationship between Speed, Torque and Motor Power Check and evaluate the friction between the gears in the gearbox, the quality of the gearbox assembly Check the torque of the rotating mechanisms in the car ...

Automatic smart warehouse

A vertical lift module is an automated storage system in which materials of different weight, height and volume can be stored and picked. It is a solution that can be employed in any industrial sector and even in several departments of the same company to fulfil different functions. Modula units can...

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