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Einstein Industrie Technik Corporation

Business activities: Sales of laser technology products and services.
Products and Services
- Laser Welding
- Laser Cladding
- Laser / Plasma Cleaning
- Laser Marking
- Laser Cutting
- Robotic and Automation

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Kingdom of Thailand Chonburi Nongtumlung Pantong 1/120 Ramkamhaeng Soi 184





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Laser System Integretor Laser Cladding Laser Welding Laser Cutting Laser Cleaning Laser Marking Plasma Cleaning

Mould Valve Pump Gas Turbine Shaft Generator Production line need improve productivity

Laser Welding / Cladding

Laser Marking / Cutting

Laser / Plasma Cleaning

Business negotiation

Laser Cladding

"Laser Cladding It's a technology that uses High-power industrial lasers for fusion. /welding material onto surface to create a true metallurgicalbonding overlay A wide range of cladding and blending materials can be used."

Laser Welding

"Laser welding Whether it's building a piece or repairing, it can be done with quality. as well as wear and corrosion protection to increase the service life as well."

Laser Cleanning

"Laser cleaning cleaning to remove rust, oxides, paint and other contaminants from the metal surface Emerging applications such as cleaning welds mold cleaning cleaning tools and surface preparation"

Laser Marking

"Laser marking controls the scanner suitable according to the application. including trench marking Thermal Black Marking and cutting by taking advantage of the power of fiber lasers. Thus reducing both the time of operation and the quality of the work came out. excellently."

Laser Cutting

"Laser cutting is commonly used in the automotive, mould, mold, tool, jewelry and medical industries. Computers and electronics and many more Materials that are difficult to cut or cannot be cut by other methods."


EIT Lasertechnik specializes in laser welding applications. Whether it's building a piece or repairing, it can be done with quality. as well as wear and corrosion protection to increase the service life as well. The problem of mold repair can be caused by many factors such as Aluminum scrap ...

3D 5-6 Axis Laser cutting

Advantages of 3D Robotic Laser Cutting Machine for Metal with Fiber Laser Source The Industrial robotic arm will assist the 3D laser cutting machine to make flexible 3D dynamic cutting of multi-dimensional and multi-angle for metals with different thickness. 1. The 3D laser cutting machine is...

Laser Automation Integrator

Solutions Laser Welding Industry 4.0 for future ADVANTAGES OF REALTIME TEMPERATURE MONITORING TECHNOLOGY Monitoring the Surface temperature with realtime response non-contact Technology with New high temperature and ultra long range. The most important laser surface treating Process Matallurg...

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