We have established an integrated production system that covers design, processing, assembly, electrical, test operation, and installation to meet the needs of production equipment, labor-saving equipment, and quality control equipment.

Please consult with us not only for production equipment but also for parts processing.
We have delivered our products not only to Thailand but also to neighboring countries and the United States.

Our Strengths
We stock various sizes of SS400 and S45C postcard materials.
We stock various sizes of SS400 and S45C post-grinding materials. For parts that do not have problems with post-grinding materials, we can reduce material costs.
We also stock A2017 material in various thicknesses, which is not commonly used in Thailand.

Many of our factory staff are Thai nationals who have returned to Japan after completing technical training, so they understand the Japanese way of thinking and can provide products with Japanese quality.
We also have Japanese-speaking staff in our office.

Equipment, tools, etc.
In order to maintain accuracy and quality, we use only Japanese manufacturers or similar products.
All cap bolts, hex bolts, etc. are made by Japanese manufacturers in stock.