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🔰 Precision Mechanical INTECH VIETNAM always provides products that satisfy the following criteria:
✅ Competitive price
✅ Support service before, during and after production with a team of engineers and experts with long experience and university degree or higher.
✅ High-precision processed products according to ISO9001:2015 standards, satisfying the strict requirements of FDI enterprises in Japan, Korea,...
✅ Fast delivery.

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Socialist Republic of Vietnam Ha Noi Hoai Duc Plot 6 LAI XA Industrial Park, KIM CHUNG





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Precision Mechanical

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Products - machine parts - are CNC milled (mass produced) from monolithic aluminum material, with accuracy 0.02 anodized.

🟢 Mechanical Intech Vietnam 🔰 Products for machine part 🟡 Dimensions 65x62.5x18 🟡 The material used is A6061 🟡 The product is a machine part 🟡 Tolerance: 0.02mm ✅ Intech Mechanics meets mass production of parts for the manufacturing, assembly of electronic components, automobiles and motor...

Product - JIG inspects electronic components, CNC milled - (mass produced) from solid aluminum, 2% accuracy, sandblasted and color anodized.

🟢 Vietnam Intech Mechanics Precision CNC milling and turning mechanical products. 🔰 This product is JIG test electronic components. CNC milled from solid aluminum then sandblasted the entire surface and color anodized. 🆗Specifications Dimensions: 295x89x10 mm 🟡 Material: Aluminum A6061 🟡 To...

Product - industrial machine parts, CNC milled - (mass production) from solid SCM440 steel material, accuracy 0.025, heat treatment HRC30-35 - degree of flatness 0.01

🟢 Mechanical Intech Vietnam CNC milling and turning precision mechanical products 🔰 This product is for industrial machines and components.CNC milling from solid steel then heat treatment: HRC 30-35 🆗Specifications 🟡 Dimensions: 115.12x70.11x119 🟡 The material: SCM440 🟡 Tolerance: 0.025mm 🟡 ...

Product - Industrial machine components, CNC milled - (mass production) from monolithic S45C material, with 0.02mm accuracy

🟢Intech Vietnam Mechanical 🔰 Product is Industrial machine components 👉 Dimensions 315x100x15 👉 The material S45C 👉 Used in parts of industrial machinery. 👉 Tolerance: 0.02mm ✅ In addition, other high-precision parts can also be machined with stable quality. ✅ Intech Vietnam Mechanics ma...

Product - JIG inspects electronic components, CNC milled - (mass production) from solid aluminum material, achieves 5 percent accuracy, anodized and sandblasted.

🟢🟡🔴 Intech Vietnam Mechanical Joint Stock Company 🔰 The products and services of precision mechanics INTECH provide include: ✅ Machining of machine parts, machine components, processing of Jig jigs, CNC turning, CNC milling,.. ✅ Processing with main applications in industries, manufacturing...

Parts processing with plastic material

Process parts with plastic material Material: POM, PVC, PU, ABS, PC, PE Tolerance: 0.01mm Size: 10mm-1000mm

Metal flange

Process the flange Material: Stainless steel, steel, plastic, resin Size: up to Φ300 Tolerance: 0.01 mm Sample: Possible

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