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Providing Turret type CNC lathes, Swiss type and small CNC machining center from TSUGAMI – Japan, Chinfong stamping machine, CSM pipe bending machine - Taiwan

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Socialist Republic of Vietnam Ha Noi Dong Anh Mai Hien, Mai Lam



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automatic workpiece, Tsugami CNC lathe, Chininfong press and CSM pipe bender, Honsberg circular saw blade and Julia circular saw


Production of automatic workpiece supply sets for stamping machines and some spare parts for stamping machines

Supply Tsugami CNC lathe, Chinfong stamping machine and CSM pipe bending machine

Honsberg-German ring saw blade supply and Julia plate saw - Italy


Business negotiation

Tsugami CNC Precision Automatic Lathe

Representative for CNC lathes: Turret, Swiss type and small CNC machining center from TSUGAMI - Japan High-precision machining based on the theoretical design policy. Basic machines provide maximum profits by the minimal investment

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