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Our commitment to products is to take the ideas and requests of our customers, "I wish we could do it," into "shapes" and deliver them smoothly as products with stable quality. In addition, the quality of rubber products is stable because we carry out integrated production from compounding of rubber materials to shipping at our own factory, and we can manage each process in-house.

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Socialist Republic of Vietnam Ho Chi Minh 7 District Tan Thuan EPZ Road 12, Tan Thuan EPZ





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Industrial precision rubber products such as O-rings and packing

Mold (for precision rubber)

Industrial precision rubber products such as O-rings and packing

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It is a slippery rubber (smooth rubber). Since the material contains slippery ingredients, it can be used as a greaseless installation or as a measure against sticking. It does not require grease and adheres to food hygiene and ROHS regulations, so it can be used in water purifiers and food product...

Industrial precision rubber products

We manufacture precision rubber products such as O-rings and packings with Japanese quality at our factory in Ho Chi Minh City. It is mainly used in parts that prevent leakage of water, air, gas, machine oil, etc. Related URL: https://takaishi-ind.co.jp/english/

Rubber products heated on metal

It is a monolithic molded product of rubber and metal. Our unique metal and rubber bonding know-how can prevent breakage on the bonding surface. Related URL: https://takaishi-ind.co.jp/english/

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