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Seeking to carry out as much of the manufacturing process independently in order to become a manufacturer of choice.
Since 1944, NOBLE has strived to improve upon the development and manufacturing of electronic components found in everyday products like home appliances, health care devices and automotive, through our manufacturing of electronic components.
We were founded on the goal of in-house design and manufacturing and have continued to refine our technologies.

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Socialist Republic of Vietnam Ha Noi Thach That Hi-Tech Industrial Zone, Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park, Km 29 Thang Long Freeway, Ha Bang





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Sensor (resistor type), variable resistor, semi-fixed resistor, encoder, switch, fixed resistor, plug, operation unit.

Repair parts for presses and molding dies. Machined products for equipment.



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The electronics industry is rapidly evolving, with a primary driver expressed simply by the word of “IoT”. Adaption to ever changing and advancing sensor technology addition to our company strength of man machine interface development is a must. In response to industry changes, we strive by an eter...

Sensor (Potentiometer) Rotary type Slide type Curve Slide type

Rotary type FEATURES With the use of new substrate materials, reflow durability has been improved compared to conventional products. Used as a contact sensor, it provides long-life slide durability. APPLICATIONS Game machines, position sensor, Servo motor for radio control Slide type FE...

Long Life Potentiometer Rotary type Slide type

Rotary type FEATURES Ultra-long Life Potentiometer developed for game machines. Excellent smooth operation low torque. Conform RoHS APPLICATIONS Controllers for Video Game. Position Sensors for Personal robot. Slide type FEATURES Light slide feel and excellent operation. APPLICATION...

Rotary potentiometer Slide potentiometer  

Rotary potentiometer FEATURES High performance miniature potentiometer created by incorporating NOBLE's Film Integration Technology Film element provides smooth rotational feeling. Confrom RoHS APPLICATIONS Component stereo, Audio mixer, Speaker volume adjustment, Visual equipment, Electr...

Trimmer potentiometer

FEATURES Space Saving Size Easily adjusts with standard screwdriver. Metal-glaze resistance element gives excellent stability and protection against environmental factors. Can be mounted to a circuit board with adhesive. Designed for reflow soldering. Supplied in 8mm tape for automatic assemb...

Rotary encoder

FEATURES High performance switches created by incorporating NOBLE’s Film Integration Technology. Film element provides smooth rotational feeling. Conform RoHS

Push switch

FEATURES Compact. 2.5mm stroke which checks visually and is good. Conform RoHS APPLICATIONS Various switch modes,secondary circuits and signal level switching. TV, AV Equipment, Personal computer, Car air conditioner

Fixed resistor Metal Oxide Film Fixed Resistors Fusing Resistors Surge Resistor Thermal Fuse Resistor Cement-Filled Fixed Resistors

Metal Oxide Film Fixed Resistors FEATURES Having a Flame-proof coating, this insulated type will not burn under its own heat generation or by an external flame. Conform RoHS APPLICATIONS TV, VCR, Audio, and other Consumer Equipment, as well as Printers and other Terminal Equipment, Car Audi...

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