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In Japan, we have started manufacturing and selling parts feeders in Vietnam, which have been delivered to various industries under the brand of Central Industry. In the machining department, a large five-sided processing machine is also in operation, and it is now possible to handle processing of large products.

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Socialist Republic of Vietnam Hung Yen Yen My district Road D2 Yen My Ⅱ Industrial Park Yen My town 





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Various parts feeders, sheet metal processing, can manufacturing, machined products (from small lots to mass production and from small parts to large products. Materials SS, SUS, aluminum, etc.

Materials (iron, SUS, aluminum, etc.)) Painting, plating, surface treatment such as electrolytic polishing, coil copper wire, urethane coating, rubber, controller

Parts feeder

Sheet metal parts, can making parts

Machined parts (from small parts to larg


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Production of large metal components, Sheet metal processing, 5-sided CNC processing

We manufacture products in all fields such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment parts, industrial machine parts, ship parts, vehicle parts such as cars, speedboats. ., labor-saving machine parts such as automatic bar feeders, robotic arms....

Producing metal structural component, structural component made of stainless steel

In the activities of manufacturing and manufacturing metal structures, our machine structure can meet a variety of shapes and sizes as well as materials such as Iron (SS), Stainless Steel (SUS), Aluminum (Al)...

Machine part processing

We can meet the technical requirements and ensure the quality of all products with all shapes in the field of processing machine parts, industrial machinery products...

Sheet metal welding

Not only stopping at welding thin materials, for products requiring welding on thick materials, we also meet all requirements of customers.

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