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310express company is established as a overseas trading division of SAIMA CORPORATION, founded in 1952. SAIMA has long history that developed and started to sale original TRF®(Tamper Resistant Fasteners) series in 1998 and became the largest fastener exporter in Japan. SAIMA is proud of being the largest maker of unique fasteners over 68 years and will promise society to contribute the high value added fasteners.

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Japan Kanagawa Tsujido, Fujisawa 2-9-17





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Highly secure screw TRF and low head screw 310Slim are used all over the world, and our products are gradually being recognized.

We would like to consider the manufacturing cost in Thailand due to the soaring price of cutting parts (iron and other materials) purchased from China.

310Tamper | Security Screw

310Slim® | Space and Weight Saving

310Micro | M1.0-M1.7


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Japan camera screw, Special Screw, M1.0-M1.7, 310Micro

It is very difficult to find Micro Screws to buy small amount, but 310EXPRESS COMPANY helps you to purchase these kind of screws. Japan camera screw available in stock. M1.7 should be “hard-to- find” size as it is stock only here in Japan. Purchase lot no need to be big with us. We will ship fro...

Space and Weight Saving, Special Screw, 310Slim® |

310Slim is the extremely flat head shape screw. This screw is using to Drone Industry, Robotics Industry, Medical Industry and so on. The head part is only 0.5mm, nearly flat. Innovative space and weight saving screw. Incomplete threaded part is very short which enables you to make stable fasteni...

Security Screw, Special Screw, 310Tamper

310Tamer is for public security, tamper resistant and safety of children and workers in the many fields. Protect your property. Anti theft, High Security & Tamper proof. It is difficult to remove without special tool. Stock range from M2 to M12. Quick delivery from 1 single piece. 14 types of un...

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