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We has created a number of
innovative products based on our long accumulated technologies.

In 1988, Thai Nakanishi Co.,Ltd. (NKC) was established for the purpose of manufacturing and sales of conveyor and automated control devices. We began to introduce conveyor systems to the automobile market and electronic appliance manufacturers in Thailand. We has created a number of innovative products based on our long accumulated technologies and has brought them into the market one after another to meet the market requirements in terms of friction drive conveyor, chain drive conveyor, motrain conveyor, light weight conveyor and peripheral conveyor which they were designed taking future process changes into consideration, as well as the working environmental. Therefore, their total system will cover all area from design, manufacture, installation and maintenance throughout japan which are actively tackling quality improvement and product development.
NKC was found in 1924 in osaka as a manufacturer specializing in bearing retainers. in 1952, nkc began manufacturing conveyor system by applying know – how from bearing retainer technology.
In 1972, NKC started technical communication with anchor conveyors in USA.
In 1973, NKC entered into tie – up with stehmann gmbh., w, Germany . export have been carrier to Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan, Australia and Mexico as well as to USA.
In 1980, NKC of America, inc. was established at Memphis, Tennessee

We support a lot of jobsites of distribution and manufacture by our products which are pallet trucks, electric pallet trucks, electric towing tractors, hand lift trucks, walies, reach trucks, order picking trucks and automatic guided vehicles.

Compact, easy operation, laborsaving, clean energy. This is Kolec’s philosophy

Superior turning radius by compact body. Easy operation for women and beginners. No exhaust gas due to electric powered. We propose pallet truck, pedestrian controlled trucks, electric carrier which realize laborsaving in jobsites of distribution.


Achievements in Thailand:

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Kingdom of Thailand Bangkok Bangrak 33/81-82 16th floor Wallstreet Tower Building, Surawongse Road, Suriyawong,





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AGV Forklift ROBO Fork 15 ,Thailand

No inductive or magnetic spot wire guides required. One PC can manage multiple units. Battery operated Lifting capacity 1500kg ROBO Fork 15 The reduction of manpower labour in our factories and warehouses is being recognised as one of the biggest concerns for companies, in countries like Japa...

Bactericidal robot UV irradiation disinfectant spray ,Thailand

R-Paca It is an automatic sterilization robot that can run completely autonomously. Equipped with a unit that irradiates ultraviolet rays, W sterilization in combination with disinfectant spray can be expected to have a sterilizing effect. The mapping function using a tablet allows you to set ro...


Robo carry rack system The unmanned logistics system enables total unmanned operation from the truck unloading area to the storage. ROBO Carry Rack The RoboCarry Rack System combines a high-density storage with a RoboCarry that can automatically put in and take out pallets to improve storage effi...

Labor shortage, floor cleaning, cleaning, Thailand

ROBO Cleaper Advanced mapping function It is possible to clean multiple passages while automatically avoiding obstacles. Clean every corner of the mapping area without the need for tracing work. Enables wide area cleaning! Clean every corner up to 20 cm from the wall. Maximum cleaning area 2,5...

ROBO Cleaper / Automatic floor cleaning robot ,Thailand

ROBO Cleaper The ROBO Cleaper features advanced mapping technology that removes the need for conventional guidance control systems. It operates independently while continuously recognising its own position. Covers up to 2,500 square meters (without any obstacles), which equates to an area equiva...

Electric follower trolley Forolley , Thailand

FOROLLEY Achieves a low price with simple functions only in follow-up mode and radio control mode. Anyone can easily operate it and carry heavy luggage easily. Supports daily work. Follow-up mode Easily carry heavy loads while following the back of the worker. Since it can also be used as a...

Pedestrian-Controlled Carrier and Towing Tractors , Thailand

Pedestrian-Controlled Carrier and Towing Tractors Perfect for handling loads weigh from 600kg to 3000kg with safety and speedy. Electric travelling With a capacity of 600~3000kg WALKIE - THP Series Flexible for customer's request. Table lifter, jig, and other functions can be equipped. E...

Electric towing Tractor series , Thailand

Electric towing Tractor series Operator friendly design, with wide and low entry step to get on and off. Electric travelling Towable weights:1.3t・2t・3t TRACTOR - DSP・DTP Series Two basic models to choose from either seat or walk-through type; depending on a type of trailer, loading weight, a...

Order Picking Trucks

Order Picking Trucks Its small body, short full length, and small turning radius make operation smooth and easy even in narrow aisles and space. You can put picked-up goods on its wide driving seat step. Electric travelling Electric lifting With a capacity of 200kg and 1 driver ORDERPICKER -...

Hand Lifters , Thailand

Hand Lifters Strong power in a small, simple body. Soft feeling of operation for anyone. Excellent quality for light, active daily use. Hand operation(KH) Electric travelling(KHD) Electric lifting With a capacity of 500・700kg LIFTER The electric drive lifter from KHD series is designed to ...

Reach Forklift , Thailand

Reach forklift: designed to work in very narrow aisles with smooh maneucerability. Realized operation much easier. Electric travelling Electric lifting With a capacity of 600kg FORKLIFT REACH One and only reach fork lift with this small size in Japan. 600kg are available. This product is des...

Walkie Stackers, Thailand

Light weight for industrial use. Perfect for loading on the upper level floors that have limited load capacity. Electric travelling Electric lifting With a capacity of 500・700・900kg With a capacity of 600・800・950kg FORKLIFT STACKER - SHPC/SHPF Series Ideal for a line of work in-between the fa...

Walkie Counterbalanced Stackers ,Thailand

Products lineup: 5 different load weight from 400kg to 1.5t Easy operation. Safety device fully equipped. FORKLIFT COUNTER Preventing an operator from being sandwitched by the forklift, the safety switch is equipped. When the forklift is being driven in the operator's direction and the switch i...

Low Lift Trucks Thailand

Now, eco- and user-friendly, and safety enhanced products are available with excellenct cost-efficiency. Compact in size, effective in limited space and easy handling will help improve efficiency in your material handling operation. Low Lift Trucks - EK Series Super cost efficient model now ava...

Pallet trucks ,Thailand

Pallet trucks For safety enhancement and first in Japan, parking brake is equipped as one of the standard features. Smooth and easy handling : With the neutral control on hydraulic pump, all you need to do is to set the handle in the neutral position, then it requires little effort to pull or push...

Walkie counterbalanced stackers KOLEC ,Thailand

Walkie counterbalanced stackers Walkie counterbalanced stackers Walkie counterbalanced stackers work by electric drive and electric lift in safety. You can control drive and lift operation by centralized control hand device. You can load this walkie into elevator, because of light weight and compac...

OH Chain Drive Conveyor Thailand

Power and Free Conveyor System Multi-function conveyors that play many roles in the production process. -Characteristics of the System -Outstanding efficiency and longevity -Diverse applications options. -Excellent cost to performance ratio. -Simple and high-quality components. -Easy mainte...

FL Floor Motrain System Thailand

Floor Motrain System This floor type Motrain system is designed to be simple and efficient. System design specifications: Maximum speed: more than 360m/min Speed range: 1:50 Acceleration: 1.08G Simple, uncluttered design allows for maximum accessibility to the product. System flexibility is...

Chain Drive Conveyor, Thailand

Chain Drive Conveyor Power and Free Conveyor System NKC’s Inverted power and free system is as versatile and simple as its overhead predecessor. This multi-funtion system finds its home in all areas of automotive production from sheet metal transport, to weld lines to body paint systems and fina...

Motrain Conveyor, Thailand

Motrain Conveyor Next-generation, high precision production system meeting the needs of today’s manufacturing environment. Production lines have evolved from high volume systems into small-lot, multi-product systems. NKC’s Motrain System is the answer to the ever increasing need for flexibility ...

Friction Conveyor System (FCS), Thailand

NKC’s Friction Conveyor System (FCS) Responding to the demands of today’s customer, NKC has developed this revolutionary conveyor system. First conceived in 1985, NKC’s Friction Conveyor System (FCS) is now globally recognized as a “next generation” conveyance system. The FCS’s drive mechanism...

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