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The company was established in 2007 with 100% Japanese investment
Main products: Metal stamping components, Metal Bending, Snap ring, Ring Band, Heat treatment, Dip PVC, surface treatment (Magni, Phosphate, Black oxide)

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Socialist Republic of Vietnam Ha Noi Ha Noi Lot CN7, Thach That-Quoc Oai Industrial Zone, Phung Xa Commune, Thach That District, Ha Noi City, Vietnam





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Metal stamping, bending and forming components installed in cars, motorcycles, IT, household appliances,... Components Snap ring, Band, dip PVC, handle Magni (Geomet)

Metal materials: iron, steel, copper,... NCC Surface treatment: painting, plating Components: screws, screws, batteries,...

Stamping part

Forming part

Band, Snap ring

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Design & Making mold

We design and making stamping molds and forming molds for metal components in our factory in Vietnam. With a team of mold repair and maintenance in the factory => help ensure molds throughout the production process

Phosphate & Black Oxide

Phosphate helps components operate smoothly in oily environments. The main prodcuct are rings installed in the axles of automobiles, motorcycles, agricultural machines, industrial machines,... Black Oxide helps to impart a shiny black color to the part, increasing the corrosion resistance of the p...

Magni coating

There is a method of creating surface coatings for metal parts to enhance wear resistance, suitable for assembled parts in harsh environments such as high temperature environments, oil environments, etc. The magnesium coating will help prolong the life of the component. • Colors : silver, white, b...

PVC Coating

PVC coating technology by dipping method helps components resist direct contact with water, oil, chemicals, salt, hinders the impact of UV rays and other adverse substances, helps components improve stability and durability.

Snap ring

There are stop rings installed in the axles of cars, motorcycles and other machines. Products through heat treatment should achieve very good elasticity. Material : Carbon steel


There are connecting rings (tightening rings) connecting two ends of pipes together, installed on cars, motorbikes, machines, ... Material : Iron, Steel, Stainless steel

Forming part

With the Multi Forming machine, we create metal forming bending components assembled in cars, motorcycles, electronic components, and home appliances. Materials: Iron, Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Copper wire Advantages : reduce scrap

Stamping part

With a series of stamping machines from 25 tons to 250 tons, we create metal stamping components assembled in cars, motorcycles, electronic equipment, home appliances,... Material : Iron, Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Copper Material thickness : from 0.1mm ~ 4mm

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