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Yamamura International (Thailand)Co., Ltd.

is the distributor for all kinds of packaging products that are used in the food and beverage industries. The products of the company meet universal standards and have good quality which have been accepted widely, for example, plastic bottles, plastic drinking bottles, glass bottles, lug caps, metal caps, aluminum caps, plastic caps, package labels, paper cartons, plastic pallets, stretchable films, plastic food pouches etc.

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Kingdom of Thailand Bangkok Klongtoey Ploenchit Center 17th Floor, 2 Sukhumvit Road,





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Glass bottle, Plastic bottle, Metal&Plastic Caps, Plastic pallet, Carton box

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Cardboard box , Carton Box (Made in Thailand) Thailand

The company sells package boxes made from paper. The raw material used is strong and the boxes are used to pack goods to protect them from getting damaged by bumping or by transportation. They are sold in various sizes and styles according to the customers’ requirements and they can be made with or ...

LUG CAPS / TWIST-OFF CAPS (Made in Thailand) Thailand

The company sells lug caps for food and beverage bottles in various colors, for example, white, golden in various styles and sizes, 30 mm.,38 mm., 43 mm., 48 mm., 53 mm., 58 mm., 63 mm., 66 mm., 70 mm., 82 mm. etc. Customers can print their company logos or brands on the caps according to their requ...

PLASTIC PALLETS (Made in Thailand) Thailand

The company sells plastic pallets, paper pallets, plastic cartons and other plastic products. There are many sizes and colors. They are durable and can support goods, which are light and heavy weight.

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