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IFC (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

For industrial kilns such as glass melting furnaces and waste incinerators and exhaust gas treatment equipment
Design and construction, hot repair, cold repair, steel construction,
If necessary, we can also dispatch a supervisor from Japan.

To technology
No terminal station

Handles all plants
Comprehensive engineering company for "fire pot"

From industrial furnaces to environment-related equipment.
Bringing advanced furnace construction technology to the world.

Furnace construction technology is a complex of various technologies such as chemistry, materials, machinery, electrical and electronics, control engineering, and architecture.
We are aggressively expanding from industrial furnace plants to incinerators and environment-related equipment by adding new ideas to this wide range of technologies.
"There are no borders in technology" With this phrase as the key concept, IFC (Ihara Furnace Co., Ltd.) is proud of its highly sensitive technological capabilities, and we are striving to become a company that is recognized for its needs in the world. I will continue.
I am convinced that it is our important job to deepen mutual understanding with the different cultures of the countries of the world.

Expanding a wide range of businesses centered on 20 domestic and overseas bases.
We provide detailed support for basic design, construction, and maintenance of various industrial furnaces.

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Kingdom of Thailand Bangkok Silom, Bangrak 90/38 Sathorn Thani1, 15FL Room B, North Sathon Rd





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Design and construction of industrial ki

Equipment hot / cold repair / steel cons

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Furnace Development

Research and Development concept The strength of our development is that we have been seriously dealing with all the technologies related to the furnace so that our customers will be satisfied for many years. A furnace is not only good or bad, but it cannot demonstrate its capacity unless ancil...

Exhaust gas treatment equipment Overseas plant Environmental business in Thailand

Growth strategy business Introducing our environmental business centered on exhaust gas treatment equipment and our overseas expansion business as a comprehensive plant engineering company for furnaces. Environmental business / overseas plant construction ・ Environmental business / Exhaust ...

Furnace construction in Thailand

Core business We undertake furnace construction, plant construction, etc. in a wide range of fields such as steel, non-ferrous metals, chemistry, and the environment. Our experienced furnace construction technicians will respond promptly and appropriately. ・ Glass melting furnace construction ・...

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