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・ Small lot production support
・ Has technical capabilities and is good for custom-designed products.

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Transformers, withstand voltage testers, power supplies, load devices, shunt resistors, inductors (for small lots)



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power supplies

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Design, manufacture, repair, maintenance, and calibration services for transformers, testing machines, power supplies, load devices, shunt resistors, etc.

"Tokyo Seiden" is a company that designs, manufactures, and sells power transformers, power supplies, test equipment, etc. Through manufacturing, in order to enhance the happiness of employees and the value of our customers, we set quality goals and practice PDCA activities to achieve them, and del...

AC withstand voltage tester TWV series

1. Overview -In addition to the conventional TWV series "TWV-551", "TWV-552", and "TWV-1051", a new standard lineup of output voltage ~ AC20kV and capacity ~ 2.5kVA has been added. However, when the output voltage is AC20kV, the capacity is 500VA. ・ All testers in the standard lineup are equipped...


A shunt (shunt) is a resistor that is used to measure current, generally when a current is passed through a resistor and the voltage drop is measured. It is also used as a resistance when measuring with high precision by converting current into voltage. Renewed shunt TS series The lineup includ...

Load Device

① Application: ・ For power supply and generator characteristic evaluation ・ For discharging batteries, etc. ・ For line impedance simulator in product characteristic evaluation test ・ Electronic load for regeneration from motors, etc. ② Specifications ・ Resistance load <R load>: DC load (~ 1500...

CT for current measurement

◆ Overview and features Used for measuring current. Due to the CT with current transformer ratios of "1000: 1" and "2000: 1", the secondary current value becomes smaller. It is easy to use in electronic circuits. By connecting a resistor of several Ω to the secondary side, an output voltage of s...

High frequency transformer, power inductor

High frequency transformer / power inductor Our high frequency transformers and power inductors are mounted on Toshiba Device & Storage's 1.6kW AC-DC server power reference board. The power supply achieves a conversion efficiency of 93% (Vin = 230V, 100% load) of 80Plus Platinum class in 1U size, a...

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