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1. We can supply various piping assembly part of copper, steel or aluminum.
2. We are confident in brazing processing in the furnace.
3. We are planning to aggressively expand business of machining processing in Thailand by utilizing the core technology of our parent company.

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Kingdom of Thailand Chonburi Muangchonburi 700/55 Moo 5, T.Klongtamru





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Piping Parts

Brazing Parts and CNC Lathing for Air Co


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We import products from Chinese business partners and supply the product after our quality assurance.

Machining Parts

High-precision cutting by machining centers and NC lathing machines Material : Steel, Aluminum, SUS, Others

Furnace Brazing Parts

High quality brazing of customer supplied parts in 3 continuous furnaces Material : Copper, Brass, Steel Parts Size : W550mm x H120mm

Conditioning parts Thailand

We import products from our business partners in China and supply them after quality assurance at our company. Products: Air-conditioning piping parts, accumulators, etc.

Piping Assembly Parts

Integrated production system from pipe material to cutting, chamfering, molding, bending and brazing Material : Copper, Steel, Aluminum Business Field : Air Conditioner, Automotive

cutting parts Thailand

High-precision cutting with machining centers and NC lathes Cutting parts for compressors and turbochargers owned by the parent company We plan to actively expand into the Thai market by leveraging our manufacturing technology capabilities. Materials: Iron, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.

Furnace brazed parts Thailand

In-house parts and parts supplied by customers are furnace brazed and supplied in a short time. Materials: copper, brass, iron Size: Width 550mm x Height 120mm Equipment: 3 continuous brazing furnaces (RX gas, mixed gas of nitrogen and hydrogen) Industry: Air Conditioning, Automotive

Various piping parts Thailand

Integrated production system from pipe cutting, chamfering, molding, bending, brazing, plating, and inspection Materials: copper, iron, aluminum Industry: Air Conditioning, Automotive, Others.

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