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About Fuji Manufacturing
For the unlimited possibilities of blast,
With professionals in their serious attitudes.
"Blast is used in all fields ranging from aircraft, automobiles and IT products to wooden and glass art-crafts, and has now become a technology indispensable in production scenes. At Fuji Manufacturing, we have, been developing new high-value-added technologies one after another while responding to various customer needs as a pioneer in blast technology ever since the development of cabinet-type equipment in 1957 by asking ourselves : "Isn't it possible to do this and that?". These efforts have been supported by our engineers' lively curiosity and serious attitude as professionals, Ideas that were previously just dreams have come true as products one by one. Behind all that, there must be our technology. As the members of Fuji Manufacturing, we will continue exploring the unlimited possibilities of blast technology as a pioneer and leader in that field, and delivering new technologies useful to various industries and society. We will make even more dreams come true in the future.

Fuji Manufacturing pursues the science of sandblasting.
Sandblasting processes utilize more than 400 kinds of abrasives in combination with the spray system, spray pressure, spray rate, and various other conditions. The possibilities offered are indeed unlimited. Fuji Manufacturing continues conducting research on everything about sandblasting, ranging from the spray, collection and sorting of sandblast to abrasive, the processing itself, to the quality control of products to be worked and the equipment used. In addition to the formation and processing of partitions in plasma displays, WPC treatment and SIRIUS processing, along with the development of digital constant-rate spray systems, our unique air flow recovery system and ventilation system, involve only a few of the patents owned by Fuji Manufacturing. Therefore, Fuji Manufacturing pursues "the right way" about blasting.

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