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Look around you. "Plating" that something is always applied in some form within a radius of 50 cm. "Plating" is active in various fields such as rust prevention, function, and decoration.

Founded in 1970, our company is currently mainly engaged in metal surface treatment of automotive electrical components. By applying and utilizing the experience we have cultivated so far to the maximum possible technology, we hope that all of our employees will study every day and improve their skills in order to achieve the "high quality" that Japan boasts to the world, and contribute to the development of industry in Japan and Thailand as much as possible. We believe.
By using a large barrel, we can offer it at a low price.

Main products:
・ Plating mainly on iron, brass and copper materials
・ Etching and non-conducting treatment of stainless steel, aluminum, iron, brass, copper materials, etc.

Major industries:
Factory 1: Electrolytic copper/tin plating (each single layer is also possible)
       Electrolytic copper/nickel plating (each single layer is also possible)
        Large barrel plating/auto-gilder large and small 2 types
       Triclene cleaning equipment (4-tank type)

Factory 2: Manual etching/passivating line

Main delivered products:
Automotive wire harness terminals
automotive washers
Bolts/small screws
Automotive sensor parts
Electrical components for home appliances 
Bolts, small screws, nuts
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