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As one of the leading companies in Vietnam consulting and providing packaging machines and product packaging solutions, Mikyo's products are thoroughly tested from processing to manufacturing and assembly. test. With many years of establishment and development, Mikyo is firmly marked in the domestic market and countries in the region such as Thailand, Philippines, Japan,....

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Carton Sealing Machine Model - FXAT5050

Carton Sealing Machine Model - FXAT5050 - A convenient carton sealing device, designed to meet the needs of packing cartons of the same size. The FXAT5050 carton sealing machine allows continuous operation for many hours, the machine runs stably and efficiently, the carton sealing machine is firm....

Automatic strapping machine Model - MH-102B

Automatic strapping machine MH-102B - Is a fully automatic working machine, low table type, table with rollers controlled by motor. The whole machine is controlled by PLC control. MH-102B can auto detect goods, auto strapping, auto shipping. - MH102B is used to support the production line. MH-102B...

Carton erector and sealing machine Model: MK-GB30

Carton erector and sealing machine Model: MK-GB30 - As a line of automatic box opening machine suitable for many types of cartons, the machine has a box-shaped carton structure that uses a gas source >500L/min, 0.4~0.8 Mpa to work. - The machine is stable, accurate, quiet and durable. When using t...

Carton opening and sealing machine Model - MK-CES4035N

For factories that use cartons in large quantities and continuously during the day, the issue of supplying and opening the box is a frustrating problem because in this stage it takes a lot of labor to perform. In order to solve this problem, Mikyo has researched and manufactured the "MK-CES4035N Car...

Carton Sealing Machine Model - FXJ6050

Carton Sealing Machine Model - FXJ6050 - It is the most popular gluing machine on the market today. This series of machines is designed to suit the working style and height at most of the manufacturing plants in Vietnam. - Moreover, the machine uses equipment and components of leading suppliers su...

Mikyo carton weighing and gluing line-Brand Mikyo

** Overview of automatic weighing and packing line: - Working continuously and stably for a long time. - Fully automatic weighing and sealing process. - Lines for high working efficiency, ensuring uniform yellowing quality. - The process of maintenance and repair is simple, fast, and cost-effect...

Automatic strapping machine Model - WG22XN

Automatic strapping machine Model - WG22XN - The machine line is specialized for strapping with PP plastic straps, belts for cartons, foam boxes, wooden crates, products are fixed when transporting and storing. - With outstanding features such as very short strapping time, many belt modes such as ...

Pallet strapping machine Model - DBA130A

Pallet strapping machine Model - DBA130A - The machine has the automatic function of winch, wire shrink, wire welding and automatic belt cutting, replacing workers in pulling ropes and tightening belts on pallets. - The machine is designed to fit a variety of pallet sizes, adjustment buttons, and ...

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