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We provide and manufacture automation solution and image processing machines, designing, simulating 3D drawings, specialized solutions for state agencies

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Socialist Republic of Vietnam Ha Noi Cau Giay 4th floor, Lucky Builing Building, No. 81 Tran Thai Tong, Dich Vong Ward





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Factory Automation Solutions, Outsourcing




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Auto pickup machine

- Automatic product picking and sorting machines use Vision sensors to sort and classify products for the next stages while conventional robots just pick up products in the line to another location. - The robot is equipped with a sensor system that controls the robot's journey. The robot can operat...

Fault Detection Machine, Product Classification

Sao Mai's automatic bond inspection machine is used to check and detect errors and defects on circuit boards, defects in size as well as component placement. The machine is one of the tools to ensure that the product leaving the production line fully meets the standards of appearance, without any de...

FPC cleaning machine

- Removal of technological dust (welding dust, aluminum dust) by ionization: The advantage of ionizing cleaning is that it can clean a large number of components, with optimal results, break down substances or dust particles Even the smallest dirt on the surface of the material, layers of unwanted s...

Product quality control system

System input data registration machine: Register the data of input materials Output quality inspection machine: Check product quality before moving to package This system helps to monitor and control product quality through barcodes to process information. It helps managers control product quality...

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