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E&H Precision (a Hiraoka Sangyo Group Company) is a CNC Precision Machining Metal Lathe Parts Manufacturer located in Japan, Thailand, India, Mexico since 1907, producing machine turned parts for Automotive/ Electronics/ Aerospace/ Medical industries such as Piston, Shaft, Valve, Pin by over 900 CNC/CAM Automatic Lathe Turning Machines to 14 Countries.The Group has approximately 1,300 employees and a turnover of 75 million USD.

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Kingdom of Thailand Chonburi T​.​ Donhuaroh, Muang, Amata City Chonburi Industrial Estate ​700/387 Moo 6,





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Asia's largest precision metal cutting manufacturer

The fusion of tradition and cutting-edge technology. Creating small precision metal parts on the world stage. Founded in 1907 and with factories in Thailand, India, and Mexico, our company stands as one of the largest precision metal cutting manufacturers in Asia. Utilizing NC automatic lathe tec...

Equipped with a high-precision finishing machine that supports precision machining Thailand India Mexico

Our factories in Thailand and India also have a large number of processing machines for finishing made in Germany and Japan in order to realize high-precision processing. By owning various grinding machines such as flat grinding machines and cylindrical grinding machines, including centerless grindi...

Visit to the virtual factory of E & H, one of the largest cutting and processing factories in Southeast Asia

In Thai factory, We have more than 630 CAM / CNC automatic lathes and more than 150 secondary operation machines. With nearly 1,000 CAM / CNC automatic lathes worldwide, we guarantee stable production and delivery. We also have a large stock of various materials such as iron, stainless steel, brass,...

Please leave the processing accuracy to the submicron order. Auto parts We will respond with the highest quality and speed. Thailand India Mexico.

For example, in the mass production of cutting parts that require extremely high accuracy and quality among many automobile parts such as "common rails" and "turbochargers", processing accuracy on the order of submicron is required beyond the accuracy of 1/1000. There are many products, but it is po...

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